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Donate Now To Preserve Your Heritage

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We are working selflessly to create a museum that preserves the cultural and spiritual knowledge for ALL Indians regardless of faith, ethnicity or geographic location. This is a noble, but a very difficult project, as there is no tradition of private museums in India. Private or government endowments are very difficult to obtain.


Thus, we need YOUR help. This museum is built on a shoestring budget and bills keep pouring in, while donations are very scant. When you donate to the Chattrapati Shivaji museum, you are joining us in the mission to preserve our true history. Your donations go directly towards the expenses shown below. By helping the study of India's past you are directly contributing to its future.


FACT is a registered Trust with Indian (80G) & US 501(c)3 tax exemption.Your generous donations are tax deductible. For directly transferring money use the account below.

Bank – HDFC. Name on account: FACT. IFCS code: HDFC0000407. Account No: 04071450000237



FACT USA Bank details

FACT USA , Foundation for Advancing Cultural Ties

at Chase Bank

Account number : 370132158.

Routing number : 021202337 for direct deposit and ACH transfer only.

For wire transfer use routing number 021000021.



The Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History keeps expanding. Our new halls are now air conditioned, as we find that with tie some of the original paintings are getting damaged.
We seek your help again:
We want to attract the youth of India, students, children even. Therefore  we are planning to build a new hall which will be entirely digital, that is we will have flat TV screens projecting animated films on heroes and heroines of India,  PPT’s, exhibitions, games that will playfully teach history of India (like Shivaji Maharaj’s Agra escape recreated) etc

Here is a breakup of cost of building the hall, which will be on the line of the Vijaynagar Hall recently inaugurated:

Foundation and pillars 2 lakhs

Flooring: 1,5 lakh

Brick and cemental walls: 3 lakhs
Insulated roof : cost 3 lakhs
plastering and cementing 1,5 lakhs
2 numbers 2ton s AC at 50.000 each. Cost one lakh


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