What is Indian-ness and & why it is absolutely needed for India to innovate again

Nowadays, Narendra Modi’s mantra to entrepreneurs, or for that matter for the whole of India, is simple: Innovate… This is easier said than done. [simple-social-share]

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Hindu power part 3

“Hindus are cowards and Muslims bullies,” the Mahatma Gandhi once famously said. And this seems to be fairly true: today at the least sign of trouble, Hindus stay home, shy from confrontation, or outright run away. [simple-social-share]

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Pranayama, secularism & the redeeming of India

Is there something more universal and secular than the atmosphere? Whether you are a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jain, you are breathing the same air – in fact, you are sharing the same life force. [simple-social-share]

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India & the Olympics

As a lover and defender of India for a long time, my heart breaks when I see — once more — the pitiful show that the Indian contingent, after so much hep and hype – is putting-up at the Olympics. [simple-social-share]

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The Islamisation of Bangladesh and Bengal

An exhibition mounted by FACT – India

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Rajiv Malhotra in Conversation with Francois Gautier


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Francois Gautier at World Hindu Congress 2015


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Francois Gautier at the Hindu Samhati rally


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Interview with Asia TV


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