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Bharath, with its thousands of years of history is a treasure trove of cultural, social, anecdotal and most importantly spiritual information. Due to extensive periods of colonization and subjugation, the history that is taught to us is written by invading victors and has been subject to vast distortions driven by political or ideological power struggles. However learning our true unbiased history is necessary for cultural confidence, increasing self-awareness and for strategic policy making.

The Chattrapati Shivaji museum of Indian history was founded in 2010 by renowned journalist and writer Francois Gautier. Many prominent well-wishers including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Dalai Lama extended generous help. It has been bringing alive various facets of true Bharatiya history though it's various galleries and exhibits. The founding organization is FACT (Foundation for Advancement of Cultural Ties). FACT was formed by Francois Gautier using the prize money he receivedby winning the 'Nachiketa' award of excellence in journalism. FACT is committed to highlighting the magnificence of India and the threats to its sovereignty.

Our Mission Statement

Guided Video Tour Of Museum


The museum works to ensure that our collections, exhibitions, research, publications and educational programs all support the Museum’s basic mission—to inspire a broader understanding of our great nation, its many people and the syncretic coexistence it embodies. Come visit us and enjoy the many exhibits that we have to offer. Plan a visit with your friends and family. Explore your unique heritage, discover some lost stories and feel proud about your historic achievements. We assure you that you will go back feeling happy and fulfilled.

Museum Hours

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Visiting Today?

Every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Entrance is free Aarti at Bharat mata temple everyday at 9:30 am.

Special Events

Shri Modi inaugurating an Exhibition on Shivaji Maharaj -

Dalai Lama opens the Tibetan pavilion -

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar opens the first phase of the museum -

Museum Location

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