Swami Vivekananda lived for 39 yrs from 1863 to 1902 and unraveled the hidden Indian heritage treasure to the world… Swami Vivekananda was a multifaceted genius. While his spiritual eminence and profound understanding of India and her culture, history and future are well known.

However, his insight into physical science are lesser known. Swami ji was well acquainted with the scientific thoughts of his time and was remarkably accurate in his observations and conclusions with regards to many observations.  What is even more important is that he gave ample hints on ways to train the mind, arousing the unseen power of intuition….which is vital to all scientific pursuit.

Great scientists of our modern era have widely recognized that the power of intuition is an important ingredient and an essential component of creative thinking which leads to innovative discoveries. This wisdom, called intuitive science holds the key to success in scientific discoveries. Our sages did possess the same intuitive power which enabled them to make series of magnificent discoveries that are recognized as relevant for all times. Sadly, such capacity is now very much diminished. This intuitive scientific truths as enunciated by Swami Vivekananda and those revealed through the next 120 yrs of progress of modern science are good examples. Swami ji  predicted accurate observations relating to origin of universe (needs further research in present time), theory of relativity, theory of uncertainty, evolution-involution etc, are remarkably accurate and vindicated by the celebrated works of few noble literature’s.

Swami Vivekananda ji was born on 12th Jan and thus, every year, this day is celebrated as national youth day across India…the youth  are motivated and inspired to realize their “real strength “. Swami Vivekananda words are so courageous and motivating… that, if these falls in the ears of dead person…they will also get up and will start working for the country.

The  exhibition depicts the subject with about  80 slides and content is in three parts:-

(a) Intuitive power – a ancient heritage of India  ( supported by modern western world)

(b) Intuitive scientific discoveries by swami Vivekananda je..

(c)  Swami ji’s observation on cosmology, theory of evolution on universe, modification of Einstein equation on theory of relativity.