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We are working selflessly to create a museum that preserves the cultural and spiritual knowledge for ALL Indians regardless of faith, ethnicity or geographic location. This is a noble, but a very difficult project, as there is no tradition of private museums in India. Private or government endowments are very difficult to obtain.

Thus,we need YOUR help. This museum is built on a shoestring budget and bills keep pouring in, while donations are very scant. When you donate to the Chattrapati Shivaji museum, you are joining us in the mission to preserve our true history. Your donations go directly towards the expenses shown below. By helping the study of India’s past you are directly contributing to its future.

FACT is a registered Trust with Indian (80G) & US 501(c)3 tax exemption.Your generous donations are tax deductible. For directly transferring money use the account below.

Bank – HDFC. Name on account: FACT. IFCS code: HDFC0000407. Account No: 04071450000237

If you prefer to mail a check them use either of the two addresses based on your currency and location:

1) Francois Gautier, 41 Jorbagh, 1st floor New Delhi 11003
2) Mrs Chandrakala Kamath, 26 Kingston Terrace Princeton NJ 08540

Be sure to let us know your physical address or an email so that we can send a receipt. You can also pay via this link of the State Bank of India – Once you proceed. you have to enter ‘All India’, then ‘Charitable Institutions’. Enter, then select ‘FACT’. ENter, then Select ‘Donation’ and the fields for donation will appear. Alternatively you can donate using credit card or PayPal using the links below.

Cost and donation is mentioned in dollars only as an indicator. You can use any international credit card and it will convert to respective currency including INR.

Approx summary of incurred and planned expenses
Completed work Cost
Landscaping barren land $13,000
Dig two wells and pond $10,000
Each building $15,000
Bharat mata temple $45,000
Shivaji maharaj building $45,000
Reception, Exhibition hall and TV room $15,000
Total money spent so far $143,000
Recurring operating expense Cost
Salary for staff of 8 $2,000
Other admin and operating expenses $300
Total monthly expense $2,300
Future planned work Cost
Foundation work for 3 story building $50,000
Construction work for modern structure, amphitheater, parking, cafeteria etc. $200,000
20 exhibitions with rare paintings and artifacts costing $40,000 each $800,000
20 movies for the TV hall costing $1000 each $20,000
Total planned expense $1,070,000